Hitting Zero: All Girl

Genre: Drama

Format: TV Series

Hitting zero: All girl is a fictional story about a highly competitive, but self-loathing cheerleader escaping her demonising mother to pursue her dreams, only to find a new ‘family’ with a new set of problems. It's an episodic drama, a mish-mash of Netflix’s Cheer, Drama series GLOW and HBO’s Euphoria, about the gruelling and obsessive push to achieve perfection, both professionally and personally. Here, competition is everything, trust is a must and bonding can make or break you and that’s secondary to the crazy, amazing, sexy, tough, ugly, beautiful, demanding and messy time of a University student suddenly facing adult life. No matter what life throws at you - broken bones, hearts and dreams - it's about cheering through it. Underneath the excitement, and behind the smiles and show-stopping action on stage, there is a dark world of grit and failure.

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