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Genre: Psychological horror

Format: Feature Film

A disillusioned artist is set upon by an arcane phantom, a manifestation of her dispassion, that threatens to consume her from the inside out. 

Grounded follows Anne, a disillusioned artist who mourns the loss of her craft into a nightmare fuelled existential crisis. Forced to financially support her oppressive mother, Anne runs away to another city to complete a wealthy clients commission. Crippled by former success and creatively blocked, tragedy strikes when her doting Father dies, leaving financial debt in his wake. On the plane home, lost and grieving, she encounters a mysterious and elusive monster that leaves her scarred and isolated. Anne grapples not just with her own fears, but also something waiting to prey upon her weakness. The phantom begins to invade Anne’s dreams and she wakes when on the brink of suicide almost every night. It soon infects Anne’s new therapist who has also fallen out of love with his purpose; when he falls victim to the monster’s psychological deception and Anne is blamed for his death, she must decide whether give in and have the malevolence consume her too, or fight it, destroying her art in the process, and letting the world believe she’s crazy.

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