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For The Returned pitch deck please: Click here

Articles and podcasts:

Women's Agenda 

27th March 2024

"Motherhood and caregiving sit at the heart of this all-female production team’s new film"

Women Love Tech 

29th Feb 2024

"How a Film About Grief Forged a Community in a Seemingly Disconnected World"

IF magazine 

19th February 2024

"Community and family ties help Ben Pfeiffer delve into the different stages of grief with ‘The Returned’"

Hamilton Spectator 

17th February 2024

"Cinematic sunset at Wannon" - Front page


21st February 2024

"Stunning Wannon backdrop for film exploring dealing with loss" - 2-page spread

Link TBA

ABC South West Radio 

15th February 2024



19th February 2024

"Movie recording"

The Standard 

16th February 2024

"Hamil-Wood: south-west city to be backdrop for big screen movie"

Creative Constitution - Podcast episode 

14th January 2024

“Why Actors and Creatives Need to Create Their Own Work: Resourcefulness with Ben Pfeiffer”

The Big Smoke 

Dec 11th 2023

"The Returned – Up close and personal experience of grief and terminal illness"

Cinema Australia

30th November 2023

“Join the Journey: Crowdfunding campaign launched for feature film about grief and terminal illness, The Returned”


10th November 2023

“Join the Journey: ‘The Returned’ Crowdfunding Campaign for a Feature Film About Grief and Terminal Illness”


24th October 2023

“Prepare for The Returned”

The Spectator - Newspaper article

2nd September 2023

“Wannon picked for filming location”

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