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Articles and podcasts:


IF magazine 

19th February 2024

"Community and family ties help Ben Pfeiffer delve into the different stages of grief with ‘The Returned’"

Hamilton Spectator 

17th February 2024

"Cinematic sunset at Wannon" - Front page


21st February 2024

"Stunning Wannon backdrop for film exploring dealing with loss" - 2-page spread

Link TBA

ABC South West Radio 

15th February 2024



19th February 2024

"Movie recording"

The Standard 

16th February 2024

"Hamil-Wood: south-west city to be backdrop for big screen movie"

Creative Constitution - Podcast episode 

14th January 2024

“Why Actors and Creatives Need to Create Their Own Work: Resourcefulness with Ben Pfeiffer”

The Big Smoke 

Dec 11th 2023

"The Returned – Up close and personal experience of grief and terminal illness"

Cinema Australia

30th November 2023

“Join the Journey: Crowdfunding campaign launched for feature film about grief and terminal illness, The Returned”


10th November 2023

“Join the Journey: ‘The Returned’ Crowdfunding Campaign for a Feature Film About Grief and Terminal Illness”


24th October 2023

“Prepare for The Returned”

The Spectator - Newspaper article

2nd September 2023

“Wannon picked for filming location”

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