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A documentary about SCC Legacy, an Australian team and their journey to the World Championships.

Hitting Zero showcases just how competitive a sport cheerleading is, how thriving and ever-growing the Australian cheer community is, and lays down just what it takes for a team to be competing at the highest level.


We'll take you behind the scenes as SCC Legacy prepares to fight for a flawless routine with zero deductions. You'll see them fail, and get back up again. You'll see sweat, some tears and a hell of a lot of fight. But you'll also get to know the people who make up SCC Legacy. Who they are, what they're like outside of training and why they do this.

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Josephine Croft - Director/Producer/Creator

This is Josephine's first passion project, having been a cheerleader for ten years, she thought this story was too good not to tell. Many people don't know about the booming Cheerleading industry and many people still hold on to the stigma. Josephine wanted to show her passion to the wider community and exactly just what it meant to be a cheerleader at the top of their game.

Ben Shackleford - Series Producer

From an early age, Ben was most passionate about two things; comic books and chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal. Quickly realising that he was unable to make a career from reading Batman and eating Coco Pops, Ben turned his hand to the television industry. Working across a broad range of programming including lifestyle constructed reality, documentary and branded content, Ben feels most enthused when in the studio or in the field telling stories. As the landscape of the Australian Media scene changes dramatically, he is very interested in developing innovative ways to connect and communicate with new audiences. Ben is also still very serious about Batman and cereal. 

Scott Dale - Editor

Scott is a filmaker behind the emotionally charged short film Beyond the Waters Edge. The film premiered at the Academy and BAFTA accredited Flickerfest, and was festival director Bronwyn Kidd's pick for "4 filmmakers to watch".  Scott has received numerous awards and nominations, including 2016 "Second Rounders" at the Austin Film Festival for his action/thriller screenplay Mutiny. Scott studied Film and Television production at University before directing a number of music videos and commercials, including a sketch comedy web series Dale Bros with his brother, Kit Dale.

Daniel Lawrence - Editor

Daniel is an experienced Video Editor and Motion Designer with a diploma in Screen and Media from the Sydney Film School with over two years of professional video editing experience and a diverse portfolio of work. Having worked extensively on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, he honed his abilities to craft engaging and visually compelling video content that resonates with audiences of varying demographics. He has had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects, including serving as an Editor for Canva Design School and In Newcastle Tonight. In addition to his editing skills, he has also worked in various production roles, such as Production Assistant, Assistant Camera, and Grip. He has a passion for storytelling through video production.

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