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An intimate journey of grief and loss as three siblings navigate their emotions in differing ways upon returning home to their mother in her final hours.

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Vianne has received a terminal diagnosis and is determined to die at home. Her three children Connie, Quinn and Amal all have a different way of grieving – each approach shaped by their individual circumstances, their capacity to hold space and their courage or desire to confront the truth. As Vianne tackles her impending death with humour and humility, the onus falls on each child to face the inevitable and choose presence over letting this milestone moment pass them by.

Directed and written by Ben Pfeiffer

Ben is a born storyteller whose focus has always been on the human, heartfelt component and connection within each creation. His work is always about the delicacy of the human experience, with a hope that audiences can walk away feeling seen, changed or closer to their fellow person.


Ben graduated from Melbourne’s VCA Drama School in 2007 with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art. Since graduating, Ben has worked with prestigious companies such as the MTC, the Malthouse Theatre and The Arts Centre. Ben has worked on projects with Warner Bros Entertainment, Legendary Pictures and the SYFY Network, USA.  Ben holds 15 directorial credits and is a seven-time award-winning screenwriter.

Cast and Crew

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